What is the best material for outdoor furniture?

Outdoor furniture belongs to a kind of leisure furniture, which can bring a comfortable feeling. For friends who love nature, it is necessary to have a set of outdoor furniture belonging to themselves. Because at home, in the garden, in the courtyard can enjoy the leisure and comfortable natural life.

So how to choose a suitable outdoor furniture product? Outdoor furniture has a wide variety of materials and styles. First of 
all, it is suggested that friends should start with materials. If you like the durable materials, such as plastic wood, stainless steel, cast aluminum and rattan, outdoor furniture products made of four kinds of materials are more durable outdoor. It is not afraid of sun, rain, wind and rain, and use day and night.

The wooden table and chair, generally more stainless steel or aluminum alloy support combination, it ingeniously designed to give 
people comfortable lines, a table four chairs with solar umbrella, more suitable and comfortable. It can not only be placed in the garden, balcony, but also widely used in Western restaurants, tea restaurants, coffee shops and other as dining chairs for guests to taste delicious food.

Casting aluminum is a kind of technology which is poured into the mold in molten state and cooled to form aluminum parts with shape. The cast 
aluminum furniture is made of selected aluminum materials, all parts are formed by muddy pouring in fine mold. It has the excellent function of durable, corrosion-resistant and rust free, and protection against all ultraviolet rays in the climate. Exquisite craft, luxurious style and comfortable sitting sense make cast aluminum furniture become the high-grade outdoor furniture in the mainstream society of Europe and America.

Cast aluminum furniture has good waterproof and sun protection performance, can be placed in outdoor color unchanged all year round, fire, 
waterproof, acid rain, durability is very high. The structure is strong and compressive, has certain elasticity, can withstand heavy pressure, not easy to fall, easy to clean, not easy to scratch damage.

Compared with other types of outdoor furniture, the anti-corrosion performance is better, the craft is fashionable and beautiful, and can be made 
into various carved and sculpted. Appearance quality first requires flat furniture table, fine workmanship and fine decoration.

Rattan products mainly use aluminum alloy or stainless steel as the support, PE rattan woven. The product has the advantages of smooth surface, 
good flexibility, anti UV and non fading, easy to clean and so on. It is suitable for outdoor use, with rain proof and easy to scrub functions. It has the characteristics of being firm, light and flexible, and can be bent arbitrarily. Therefore, the rattan furniture made has a simple and clear appearance, which is both rigid and flexible, and has the characteristics of leisure and practical use. It can be cleaned with soft brush, rag or vacuum cleaner. It should prevent collision and scratch of blade tip or hard object. PE rattan can imitate aging, moisture-proof, insect proof and infrared ultraviolet rays. 

Therefore, it is unnecessary to pay too much attention to maintenance.