Outdoor home furnishing enterprises need to face market changes rationally when they turn to customization

Market analysis: the competition of enterprises is intensified, and the household cake is customized by separate food

The first and second-line leaders of customized home furnishing industry basically occupy the market. Some people worry about the 

pressure on product sales caused by the expansion of capacity. Even the industry giants will be deeply involved in price war, channel 

war and brand war, and can not be promoted by themselves. At present, the concentration of the industry is still low. Fierce competition 

is beneficial to the first and second tier enterprises. On the contrary, the first and second tier enterprises will get more market share, while 

small enterprises will be eaten.

Finished home is a kind of furniture that has been done well. Consumers only need to pay for the purchase, and the furniture can be delivered 

to the home immediately. It is the mainstream product in the home market. But because of the emergence of custom home, even many enterprises

 and dealers who originally made finished products home have turned their eyes to custom home, blowing the custom style.

Analysis of the current situation: there are also market blind spots in customized home

First, whether it is custom-made home or finished home, it is a tool in the end, and the most important thing is to meet the needs of home life. 

The scale, shape, color and arrangement of finished household design should conform to the physiological, psychological and human body activities.

 When customizing home, many subjective factors have been added to change the specification, which is not necessarily suitable for daily life.

Secondly, the cost-effective of customized home is not as high as expected. This is because in the manufacturing process, the finished household is 

combined by labor and machinery, and the intervention of large machine tools greatly improves the production capacity, and the production line saves 

labor time and the cost of single product is greatly reduced; while the production process of customized furniture is no different from the finished furniture, 

but the cost of converting to single product is higher because the customized products only produce one piece, plus the corresponding design service fee.

Finally, the problems of after-sales service such as replacement and maintenance of customized home need to be considered in advance.