Sustainable utilization of forestry resources is the key

In 2020, the price war in the name of "formaldehyde free addition" will be vigorously launched in the furniture industry, and the word "formaldehyde free" will be rampant for a while, and various brands and manufacturers will have the concept of formaldehyde free board.

As we all know, the concept of formaldehyde free in the market only refers to the addition of formaldehyde free glue, not the formaldehyde free board. At the same time, "formaldehyde free" is not a new species. Furen group has introduced "formaldehyde free board" to the market many years ago, which shows two problems:
1、The product homogeneity of the whole household industry is serious, lacking new products and new materials. Just as the closed environment lacks fresh air, the market has to recycle the old concept like breathing old air.
2、On the other hand, it can be seen that users and industry leaders begin to pay attention to the supply side of raw materials from the aspects of style, price and marketing methods.The market is eager to fundamentally solve the problems such as opaque raw materials and prices, lack of sustainable forestry resources support and so on.In fact, how to use sustainable environmental protection resources through raw material innovation, technological innovation and process innovation, jump out of the vicious circle of disorderly competition, further optimize the supply chain development environment of forestry industry and home furnishing industry chain, and form an industrial chain supply chain with stronger innovation, higher added value and safer reliability has become the focus of enterprises.